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We offer all kinds of spa treatments that will change the look of your body and provide with the best means for relaxation and rejuvenation. “organic spa” is a heavenly bliss and one will be able to experience this right at our center.

Our team of experts will come up with the entire spa service and set up right at your doorstep. We make use of natural and premium products in the treatment. The use of organic materials sets us apart from all other spa salons in Delhi, Dwarka.

This will invigorate your body and senses and nurture them to the core. From massage warps to hand and foot scrub, we offer everything. You just have to click and ask for it. All the services will be readily served at your disposal. No matter where you dwell in Delhi, call us and we will not hesitate to help you out.


Our services

Aroma Massage:
We combine essential oils to meet the specific needs of a person. We select oil for energizing, stress reducing, balancing etc. The most common oil used is lavender. The massage best suits for stress-related or emotional conditions. Essential oils are believed to observe through skin. Inhale of oil molecules will transmit message to limbic system that affects heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and immune system. After massage blend will be given to use at home in between massage treatments. 

Particular people are not recommended for massage like Infectious skin disease, open wounds, after surgery, pregnant ladies without consulting doctor, chemotherapy and prone to blood clots.

Few tips to keep in mind before getting massage not to take heavy meal. Arrive 5min early and if it’s first time then 10mins in order to complete few formalities.

Swedish Massage:
The most common and best bodywork performed in order to relax the whole body. Long smooth strokes, kneading and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle with massage lotion or oil are being used. Swedish massage is beneficial for increasing oxygen level in blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. A study conducted found that 45min received massage will decrease level of stress hormone cortisol and also lymphocytes.

Circular pressure is applied by hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion like tapping bending and stretching. Communication is encouraged during the session so that your need is meet accordingly.

Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing depending on therapist result what to obtain. Before beginning massage the injured area should be known to therapist or any other things you want to mention. Then the following instructions are given.

Balinese Massage:
It is a full body, deep-tissue and holistic massage service. Using acupressure, reflexology, stretches, and aromatherapy to stimulate flow of blood, oxygen, and energy around body which bring calm and relaxation well being. Variety of techniques is used including skin rolling, kneading and stroking and pressure points stimulation. To soothe damaged tissues and get relieved from strained muscle and joint pain its techniques work the best.

The different variety of bali massage includes Sasak massage, Lombok massage, Urat massage, Balinese Boreh and Javanese massage. All above mentioned massage fuse ancient traditions that heal body physically and spiritually, leaving you with the feeling of wonderful.

It is incredibly relaxing experience both for mind and body. The main intention is to clear the pathways of energy. It suits well for people who are emotionally drained, stressed or suffer from low levels of energy. It also relief one’s self from symptoms related to allergies. And also help with sleep disorder.

Couple Massage:
It is the massage given to two people in same room at same time by two different therapists. The couple can be husband wife, girlfriend boyfriend, same sex partners, mom and daughter and even best friends. Not able to spend much of time with your loved ones? This massage can be plus point for you and your partner along with getting relaxed.

Special environment is created for newly married couple keeping romance in mind. Settings and arrangement like rose-petal bath tub, bottle of champagne with bowl of strawberries and chocolate. Another advantage is to introduce your partner with massage who has never gotten before which make them feel comfortable. Time coordination for busy couple will emerge relaxed, refreshed, and reconnected.  

Apart from getting your bond stronger the comfort zone level will be increased. A healthy and healing experience of one being as massage reduces your tension, boost immune system, reduce pain, stress and muscle tension.

Head Massage:

Massaging any part of your body increases blood flow, help with stress and headaches. It is especially true for head massage as it benefits the hair follicles. Increased blood flow helps in faster growth of hair. The massage is slow and in deep. Other advantages include reduction in migraines, headaches, back pain, and detoxify body by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Few more are Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness, and insomnia symptoms of anxiety and depression and boost memory capabilities.
Head massage helps in the promotion of relaxation via reflexology points present on the skull. Firm pressure is given while giving head massage. Stroke movements of hands over head is all one need to keep in mind.

Head massage with oil enable growth of hair. Getting professionally head massage will enhance hair growth and a good shampoo as they are trained professional. They know the points which in turn stimulate blood vessels and helps in better absorption of oxygen by blood vessels.

Foot Massage:
The least pampered part of our body is feet. A few minutes of massage would keep them strong and flexible. The benefits of foot massage is, it helps you to have a good sleep, improvement in blood circulation, helps you relax, fights depression, relief from pain and aches, alleviates edema, eases PMS and menopause symptoms, restless leg syndrome, and lower the blood pressure.

Massage is the best techniques to keep you relaxed and leaves positive effects on overall health. It helps to eliminates lactic acid, facilitates digestion, and affects muscles stretch and relaxes and reflex. Foot massage is actually healing.

Accordingly, feet represents a map of whole body which you are actually stimulating the parts of body.  Therefore, it is announced feet plays an important role in nervous system. Massage also adds beauty to your skin by making it supple and healthy.

Back Massage:
Some clinics and spas offer back massage for 30 -40 min and customer can ask therapist to focus particularly on back. It is the most common area of pain, since the nerves run through spine. Having back massage will relieve lower back pain. Upper back massages relive tension in that area and reduce pain from migraines.

Massage stimulates production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin chemicals which make body feel good. It relaxes large muscles and releases tension which sometimes causes difficulty in falling asleep or staying in deep sleep. Massage will help to heal tissues, and muscles that have become tight and weak. It also increases the blood circulation of body which helps in bringing blood with oxygen and nutrients to muscles and major organs.

Sometimes one needs to relax and feel the pleasurable sensation of human touch.

spa Cochin spa massage

Thai massage:

The massage style combines acupressure, assisted yoga postures, and ayurveda. This massage is different from other in terms of techniques. It’s the only massage that doesn’t needs any lotion or oils neither lying on table without clothes. Therapist uses its legs, feet, hands, and knees in order to move in series of yoga –like stretches.

Thai massage is full of energy. It is often described as painful. Applying pressure to tender muscle fiber adhesions can hurt, but there is difference in pain caused due to excessive pressure or stretching. It is used to boost energy, relieve from stress, treatment of health problems like headaches, certain types of back pain, muscle spasticity etc.

Before appointment one may be asked to bring or wear loose comfortable clothes.

Cochin massage Thai massage
Body Polish This treatment combines a body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and revive skin, with a light massage to completely relax you.
call massage Eranakulam massage

Monthly package Take advantage of the Monthly Spa Offer where you will receive a beauty treatment for an excellent price.

You can enjoy all these services at affordable rates. Experience the joy of international massages in the heart of Delhi and that too without leaving the house. Choose us to get an expert massage today!



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